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Amazon Lab126 (sometimes known as Lab126) is an American research and development and computer hardware company owned by It was founded in 2004 by Gregg Zehr, previously Vice President of Hardware Engineering at Palm, and is based in Sunnyvale, California. It is widely known for developing Amazon's Kindle line of e-readers and tablets.

Mark Walton for ARS Technica mentioned the layoff at Lab126, "Amazon is laying off dozens of employees at Lab126, the hardware-development center in Silicon Valley responsible for products like the Fire Phone, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. Sources at Amazon "familiar with the matter" told the WSJ that the company has scaled back or halted numerous development projects, including a large-screen tablet and a smart stylus.

The WSJ's sources claim that the layoffs form part of a broad reorganisation at Lab126, which began last year after disappointing sales of the Fire Phone. This resulted in Lab126 combining its tablet, e-reader, and phone projects. In October 2014, it emerged that Amazon was sitting on over $83 million (~£54 million) of unsold Fire phones, which the company swiftly tried to shift by offering a substantial price drop.

It's not yet clear whether Amazon will continue its in-house smartphone development. Some engineers at Lab126 told the WSJ that development would be shelved, while another claimed it had been shifted to Seattle under Steve Kessel, an executive who helped spearhead the company's hardware unit and oversaw digital media like e-books and music.

Other workers claimed that shifting priorities at Lab126 led to a "frenetic workplace" and "ill-defined roles," resulting in employees taking jobs at other tech firms. Aside from the Fire Phone, other products developed at the division include the Kindle e-reader, Fire TV set-top-box, and most recently the $180 (~£120) Echo virtual assistant."


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Former Employee - Program Manager says

"- Bad management - ultra complex processes making no sense on why is it even there it even goes against their own principles but it’s a hard place when it comes to accepting change - rock solid that way - no leadership - extremely poor product development - zero feedback policy if it is against any managers idea or some legacy process - zero growth Stay clear if you don’t want your career to stall"

Current Employee - Materials Program Manager says

"Very political if you want to transfer team or moving up."

Former Employee - Engineering Program Manager says

"All I can say is the Fire Phone organization completely ruined a once-promising hardware division for Amazon. Their arrogance during the development phase of the project (which by the way took almost 3+ years of development) was legendary. After the fire phone went down in flames they still kept that arrogance. Then upper management did the dumbest thing and did a re-org which gave the Fire phone team the keys to Lab - the Kindle product line (the crown jewel). Suffice it to say, that team started to install their middle management into stronger positions and the mass exodus of strong employees have continued since October 2014."

Current Employee - Senior Program Manager says

"• The epic success of the Fire phone (and the fact that they want to make more phones) • Flying 14 hours to China in economy class • Seattle doesn't understand the term "feature creep" • They make the same mistakes time and time again • The continuous re-orgs and management shifts • Manager's questioning your every move and/or decision • Politics, politics, politics • Promotions are near impossible • Work/life balance sucks"

Senior Technical Program Manager says

"mgmt is dysfunctional and PMs not technically skilled often, lots of cross team competitiveness (back stabbing), projects often misrepresented to Bezos, morale problems and high turnover, expect huge (unpaid) overtime, amazon is frugal sloggan means cheap and that's how employees are treated"

Current Employee - Engineering Program Manager says

"Politics, poor management, lack of clear processes for the size of the company. Conservative products; company doesn't value innovative design. Poor support structure."

Former Employee - Technical Program Manager says

"- Ineffective leadership, the VP changed 3 times while I was employed there - No visibility into R&D projects across the company, thought engineering resources are shared - Frugal nature of the company impeded program progress (i.e.: not enough pre-production HW to facilitate testing)"

Current Employee - Senior Technical Program Manager says

"most people are way over-worked. days are very long, and often you have to work the weekend. Annual performance appraisals are brutal, and can often be unfair because manager has to rank his subordinates and select someone as an unverperformer - even if they are all over achievers. They try to weed out people before any significant RSU payout is made."

Current Employee - Lead Program Manager II says

"Aggressive coworkers, demanding hours, way below average market rate salaries, understaffed, and overworked."

Current Employee - Senior Technical Program Manager says

"Work/Life balance Changing priorities Chaotic processes btw organizations"

Area Manager (Former Employee) says

"Run very far from this company they make promises they will Never keep, to much politics, cliques and sexism to get promoted in this place. Run far frBenefitsRip of new am"

Preparatrice de commande (Former Employee) says

"Je n’est pas du tout aimer mon expérience chez Amazon de l’exploitation, pour un salaire bas .RienRien"

Packing Operative (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for 3 months and that was more than enough, targets are far to high, I saw a lot of people actually starting work half an hour or so earlier than their shift just to try and reach the targets set.Car parkLong hours, stupid targets"

New seller (Former Employee) says

"No Contact back, no help. Take money after registration and deactivate my account. I upload additional documents but more than monts nobody even contact to me. They not respect sellers at all. People from China selling on Amazon now, but people from US can't do t. Very disappointed."

Stow Associate (Former Employee) says

"This company is very unprofessional! Management is lazy and does not engage with the tier one associates. When you ask a question about the correct procedures and policies you are supposed to follow, no one knows."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"worst place i've ever worked for. beware of this warehouse if you don't want to work in a depressing environment where you are guaranteed to have all types of injuries on your body from all the slave labor."

packer, stower (Former Employee) says

"Just watch out what shift you get, if you are Fri to mon lets say you will not be paid overtime as it spans over 2 working weeks. UTTER RIP OFF! the times i worked a 60 hour week and was paid the normal pay rate per hour. oh and do not even think about accruing holiday pay as you will get ripped on that also.nothingeverything"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"not a chance would i recommend anyone work for amazon that only people who kiss the managers backside it is young persons game the parcels come down the line too fast piled high to scan properlyfree lunchatatude problems from managers"

magazziniere (Former Employee) says

"Vita da magazziniere impossibile. Corri corri corri e non puoi andare neanche per cinque minuti al bagno. Pausa pranzo di pochi minuti. Stress alle stelle, diritti umani e del lavoro annullati. Mobbing da parte dei superiori. Evitate AmazonNessunoTanti"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"OverallDon't waste your time & energy with Amazon they work you like a slave for what seems like pennies when you see the workload. There are plenty of other companies that will respect you as an employee not try to use you."

Amazon Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Poor management the management is bad here didnt get treated fair for being a hard worker put your time and effect into something that they don’t care about"

Stower (Former Employee) says

"Wages are not worth the hard labor they make you work. Worst job I’ve ever had. They are very strict and expect you to meet almost impossible numbers as a stower. Worst jobs I’ve ever had and I’ve worked many jobs."

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Ridiculous expectations for productivity levels. The work environment couldn’t be more drab, boring and uninspiring if they actually intended it to beVTO’sYellow!"

Chauffeur VL (Former Employee) says

"A fuir que ce soit pour n importe quel sous traitant et encore pire chez FDE !A FUIR !! AucunTrop"

CSR (Former Employee) says

"Don't work here unless you want to be treated like you are literally nothing, instantly replaceable, and you have a almost zero chance of becoming permanent."

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"This company treats you like a 2020 slave, yes it pays better than minimum wage but the job whips you on the back like a horse and has you on your feet for over 10hrs. Garbage job with fake and illusionary advancement policies.You get to go homeYour Amazon’s slave"

Lagerarbeiter (Former Employee) says

"lasst mich doch einfach Bewertungen eines Arbeitgebers anzeigen wie schwer kann es sein Indeed ?"

Self-Employed Courier Driver (Former Employee) says

"Too much expected every day, had to load own vans, sort own parcels.190 plus drops per day if not more and no support offered.If you're van breaks down you earn nothing.ZeroLong hours"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"not good company and not safe environment to work. I tried to improve my career in the company but I could not because they chose lazy people.Hard work is not appreciated."

Fulfilment Associate (Former Employee) says

"If you want to breath in your own carbon dioxide for 10 hrs a day wearing a mask while being told to hit physical targets then this os the job for youNo prosMask wearing"

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